Our Solar Camera provides a reliable, energy-efficient surveillance solution for construction sites. With its rugged design, it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions common in construction sites. Its solar-powered feature allows it to be deployed in remote locations without access to power grids. The video analytics feature can detect any unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of equipment and materials.



In the transportation industry, our Solar Camera can be used to monitor traffic, detect traffic violations, and manage car parks. With features like vehicle brand and type recognition, it provides valuable data that can be used to improve traffic management.


Our Solar Camera can be used in educational institutions to ensure the safety of students and staff. It can monitor entrances, exits, and common areas, providing real-time alerts in case of any safety concerns. The AI-powered software can detect unusual behavior or unauthorized access to restricted areas.

For entertainment venues such as stadiums or concert halls, our Solar Camera provides a robust security solution. With its high-resolution video and wide-angle view, it can monitor large crowds effectively. The AI-powered software can detect any safety threats and provide real-time alerts to the security team.

The Solar Camera can be used in retail to monitor customer behavior, manage queues, and prevent theft. Its bright light can serve as a deterrent to potential thieves, and its AI-powered software can detect suspicious behavior and send real-time alerts to the security staff.


The Solar Camera provides an efficient solution for monitoring large agricultural lands. It can be used to monitor livestock, detect any intruders or threats to crops, and even monitor weather conditions. Its solar-powered feature makes it ideal for remote agricultural lands with no access to power grids.

Oil and Gas

In remote oil and gas sites, security is a primary concern. Our Solar Camera, with its advanced AI-powered software, offers high-quality surveillance even in these remote locations. With features like license plate recognition, it can monitor all vehicles entering and exiting the premises, ensuring the safety of your valuable resources.

Public Safety

For cities and municipalities, our Solar Camera offers a versatile, green solution for public safety. It can be deployed in parks, streets, and public buildings to monitor public activity and detect any potential safety threats. The solar-powered feature allows for easy deployment without the need for power infrastructure.

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