Data provided

1/ Scare the criminals away 

2/ Invite Customers, not crime 

3/ Protecting the Assets and Inventory inside your store, starts from parking lot and entrance road 

4/ Camera to see the past and present, video analytics to protect the future 

5/ Camera system can move any location 

6/ Solar Camera Trailer will reduce your Security Guard labor cost 

7/Detect, Deter & Defend your Property

8/ We can keep your business and employees safe

9/ Low Price to Rent, $50 per day and $1500 monthly rent for the long term rental, including all the hardware, software and unlimited 4G LTE data plan from AT&T and Verizon

AI powered Video Analytics on Amazon Cloud, for Human and Car detection, Analysis, Playback recording

This is a 100% solar powered self-sufficient camera trailer that allows you the opportunity for surveillance, security, or a combination of both. It provides a stable and secure platform for onsite cameras. Take advantage of working and securing your job site remotely while still effectively managing your projects. Surveillance/security cameras is included with trailer.

Towable Light Tower, Solar Powered
Reduce your carbon footprint and provide light to your jobsite with a solar-powered towable light tower from King Solarman. Our lighting tower can run nearly silently on battery power. You can charge the tower automatically with an automated system. This light tower can extend close to 30′, depending on the model.

Solar powered for zero emissions or fumes
360° vertical mast and fixture rotation for total illumination onsite
Instant-on LED lights provide 48,000 total lumens
Silent solar battery-powered operation reduces jobsite noise
Uses: Ideal for lighting up work areas so projects can proceed on schedule despite limited light 

Where else can you work with Solar AI Camera Trailer, that literally saves lives, stops crimes, solves murders, decreases theft, and improves community safety? These are the problems I know I’m working to solve every day I come to work at Solar Camera Inc. I love seeing the impact it has for our customers and partners. It’s exciting to be a part of what we are building here and to witness Solar Camera Inc,’s rapid growth!

“We have a lot of transient crime, organized retail crime that comes in from bigger cities traveling through the Interstate. They’re very mobile, and they move quick, so the faster that we’re able to obtain information, the more likely we are to solve the crime.”

“We found that we were able to find these vehicles still in the shopping area. They just committed a crime here and we were able to get that vehicle description. We find them in a store on the other side of the shopping center and we were able to catch these folks before they got out of town.”

“We’ve had a 39% decrease in crime really across the board. That’s even driven down our violent crime by 14.9%, which is a major impact to us in a city the size that we are.”

Our goal is use camera system in the trailer to scare the criminal away, and catch the criminal

Solar Camera Inc. provides a cloud-based software platform that collects, stores, and organizes data from various sensors via cellular networks. The primary source of this data comes from proprietary solar-powered portable trailers equipped with cameras and other sensors, typically providing safety and security services in a wide variety of industry verticals. These systems provide condition-based automated responses, including pre-recorded and live two-way audio communication, lighting functions, law enforcement notifications, and more.

Are you concerned about the safety of your customers, employees, equipment or assets? How many security incidents is your organization having every month? What if you could eliminate this stress and burden? 

You can have the same technology that Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart rely on to detect, deter and defend their properties. Imagine being able to be alerted to a security breach and then having a recording to take to the authorities. Better yet, imagine stopping this incident from ever happening via a solar-powered, mobile trailer unit. Stop the threat before it ever happens. Converse with someone crossing your parking lot or construction site all from your phone or computer. 

Working from home for a while? No big deal. Monitor your LVT units from your makeshift home office. Sitting in your office at home, at your company’s headquarters, or even on your phone at your child’s soccer game, you can monitor every single camera you have. Track thermal signatures, monitor analytics, control and move your cameras, even manage alerts, as well as the sounds and lights the cameras can produce. 

All cameras and sensors are managed in one secure cloud-based system, accessible from anywhere in the world. Completely customizable camera settings and map-based navigation, so you can monitor your assets anywhere in the world. 

This is true cloud-based remote monitoring for your enterprise.

Our main goal is simple: to scare away criminals. Our solar camera trailer does just that. It records video around the clock for 30 days, letting you watch the footage live or look back at it later. This keeps your property and belongings safe. If someone unwelcome shows up, our system’s speaker alarm will warn them off.

Our smart camera can pick out people and cars in the footage, helping you to keep a close eye on things. Plus, everything is stored on the cloud, meaning you can check in from anywhere at any time.

Key benefits: 

Video Analytics will help you:

  1. Search on brand of car and color of car, size of car, sedan, SUV, truck…
  2. Search on color of clothing of Human
  3. Live view of your project, asset, parking lot, view from any location 
  4. Scare the criminals away with alarm, police lights, able to talk to intruder direct 
  5. Protect your property
  6. 11 kWh lithium battery and 1500 watt SunPower solar panels  to power up to 15 days of camera system 
  7. Video recording of movement on the Amazon Cloud and 30 days of video recording on the hard drive 
  8. 2-way communication

LAX, Microsoft, 49er Stadium, AT&T Park, Golden State Warrior, Burning Man, Coachella, US Military, Border Control, US Navy, Uber and Lyft Pickup Areas

Residential Apartment, Construction Site, Solar Farm, Agriculture harvest, Shopping Mall Parking Lot, Factory, EV charging station

Solar Camera Inc. is the manufacturer for Solar Camera Trailer in Los Angeles, San Jose and Las Vegas, with the advanced solar technology and AI powered Security Camera System, Video Analytics on the Amazon Cloud


Solar Camera Inc. 

Northern California: 408/373-8800
560 Coleman Ave. San Jose CA 95110

Southern California: 909/563-3000
1261 S. Grove Ave. Ontario, CA 91761

Nevada: 725/502-8800
5333 W Oakey Blvd Las Vegas NV 84146

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